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Century 21 UK Online Training is a UK based training provider who offer customised delivery through online face to face interaction which incorporates a tailored learning experience. Our tuition technique provides an experience similar to that of face to face delivery; we use the latest in communications technology to ensure this.

Century 21 UK Online Training’s provision of experienced CRB vetted and teacher qualified staff assures the quality and security of our systems and content.  We strive to provide an excellent and efficient service supporting you in supporting your students.  And to this end our teaching resources are designed to support mainstream study and our delivery is customised to suit specific needs, preferred learning styles and preferred mobile devices.

Our technology and the Learner
The online classroom can be accessed from anywhere in the world, at a time that is convenient to the learner. The learner is able to interact with the learning resources, students or staff. Learner progress is monitored using reports generated by the VLE on progress and achievement.


The learner receives directed guidance in the production of coursework (a requirement for most educational qualifications) at scheduled times. Lesson resources, lesson transcripts and learning support are available to the student outside scheduled meeting times.


Century 21 UK's CPD courses aim to add value to an individual’s career development.  We offer innovative and creative programmes that will support personal and professional development.  A large proportion of our professional development courses are aimed at those who are currently working within the education sector or those who are considering a return to the sector. Other CPD courses are aimed at individual’s wishing to develop or enhance skills they already possess. 

Our consultancy strives to provide an excellent and efficient service supporting you in supporting your e-learners. Our service integrates a holistic approach to the ELearning infrastructure, its implementation, training the trainer, training VLE administrators through to the provision of post setup support.


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