We work with your teams to identify the knowledge, skills and behaviours required to improve performance within your organisation, establishing the user requirements. We help you make sense of information you want to make available within your learning systems. We will lead you through new learning technologies to find the most appropriate solutions for you and your organisation.

Learning Infrastructure

We design and implement the architecture of your websites, databases and portals enabling learners to easily search for, find and retrieve the learning resources they need to enhance their knowledge, skills or behaviour. This service includes procurement, integration and testing of new systems. 

Content Design and Creation

We work with a range of media to ensure that learning programs engage the learners attention. Our consultants provide guidance on how to harness new forms of learning brought about by the digital revolution such as wikis, weblogs, discussion tools and podcasts by working with you to establish they way they can best complement the training you currently provide.

Capacity Building

Our training consultant’s work with your teams to design long-term training strategies. They will guide you in implementing new approaches to learning to improve the impact of your organisation’s investment in training.   


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Groups, individuals and indpendent learner lessons.