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Get help with study

The homework club provides learners with resources which are designed to support mainstream study. The learner will receive directed guidance in the generation of coursework evidence or electronic portfolio evidence (a requirement for most educational qualifications) platformed via a virtual classroom.

Get help with study

Century 21 UK Online Training’s teaching material and student resources are designed to support mainstream study and our delivery is customised to suit the learners' needs. All of our staffs are highly skilled, qualified and CRB checked ensuring that the highest standards are met and young learners in our homework club enjoy a safe learning environment. 

Our delivery provides an experience similar to that experienced in face to face delivery; we use the best in communications technology to ensure this and that we teach effectively. 

Our course design accommodates learners' preferred learning styles and mobile devices by providing the learner with access to a preferred format that can be downloaded to their mobile device.

Benefits to the student

    • Improved success and achievement

    • Customised tuition which addresses your needs

    • Multi-device platform (access the virtual classroom from a computer, mobile phone, PDA or IPod)

    • Frees up your time

    • A safe learning environment (All Facilitators are CRB checked)

    • No travel involved

    • Cost savings

Additional benefits gained by the learner are that learners are able to develop and extend their study, research and ICT skills.


The learners develop and extend their study skills, research skills, ICT skills and many others.

Homework Club Features

Century 21 UK Online Training’s homework club delivery complements mainstream teaching and in so doing ensures the learner uses a blended approach (both traditional and online learning methods). Course materials incorporate a mix of learning techniques suited to electronic learning technology: the learning resources are custom built by expert designers, providing learners with the tools needed to improve standards of work and extend their skills, knowledge and understanding of the curriculum requirements.

Adheres to the curriculum for England and Wales

Mobile learning resources

Inclusive learning resources

CRB checked Facilitators

Century 21 UK Online Training’s course design and blended approach accommodates learners' preferred learning styles and provides course content in a variety of formats which can be downloaded to mobile devices.


Homework Club Courses


Century 21 UK Online Training’s offers the following subjects within each club:

    Undergraduate Homework Club- BA/BSc (Level 6)

    This homework club supports the learners on Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree programmes with assignment(s) and course work on programmes such as European Studies, Computing and Information Systems, Information Technology, New Media, Modern languages.

New Media

European Studies

Computing and Information Systems Design

Information Technology

Writing Your Degree Project

    A Level Homework Club- GCEs (Level 3)

    This homework club supports the learner in the creation of course work evidence required within the GCE English and Welsh curriculum for the BTEC, Applied and the Traditional A Level programmes.

Information Communication Technology & Computing

Science – Chemistry, Biology & Physics

Languages – English, Spanish & French


    Secondary Homework Club - PreGCSE and GCSE (Key Stage 3 & 4)

    This homework club supports learners at key stage 3 by covering the knowledge required at that level. At key stage 4 the learners are supported in their creation of course work evidence required within the GCSE English and Welsh curriculum.






Functional Skills (English, Maths & Information Communication Technology (ICT)

    Primary Homework Club- (Key Stage 2)

    This homework club provides tuition to primary school students at Key stage 2. Students wishing to prepare for the 11+ and 13+ common entrance examination are given rigorous preparation. Our subjects include as English, Latin, Spanish and French, Maths, ICT and Science.

Language - English , Spanish & French




Verbal reasoning


Homework Club Requirements


Equipment needed for each session is as follows;

A Webcam (approx.£14.00)

Speakers or headphones


Broadband connection to the Internet

Internet browser (Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer)



Homework Club Registration


To join the Homework club Follow this link Homework Club.

For further enquiries about any of our Homework Clubs call us on +44 20 3286 0356 or email us at admissions@c21uk.co.uk

Once you are registered and made payment you will be sent an email confirming reciept of payment and a second email with your Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) user account details.


Homework Club Payment


Your VLE account will only be activated when payment for your course is received.  You may wish to use a PayPal account, if so please follow this link www.PayPal.com to open a PayPal account alternatively you can pay by bank transfer or cheque. Contact us on +44 20 3286 0356 or email enquiries@c21uk.co.uk. For information on alternative payment options.







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