Homework Club Testimonials

Student Testimonials

Michael 13+ French

I thought the experience was good.  The teaching was good although I did have problems with my laptop. It whole thing would have been flawless if not for the problems I had with my laptop.  I had mentioned to my friends that I had been taking French lessons online.  At first they didn’t think much of the idea but when I explained how it worked using Skype they all thought it was cool.  I think I will be able to use the Homework Club while I'm in boarding school as we have Wi-Fi in our dorms. I feel confident that I will get good results.  They are coming out next week. 


Louise A Level Biology Project Work

I had two facilitators and had different experiences with each of them.  One of my facilitators was difficult while the other was very supportive.  I was happy with the way Century 21 UK Online responded to my urgent situation.


Staff Testimonials

Ms Llopart

Teaching online makes things easy and accessible.  I went to South America and I was still able to deliver my lesson online from there with no disruption to the service. 


Parent Testimonials

Mrs Okoye

I am pleased with the service that I received from Century 21 UK Online.  My son's result improved from C to a grade B+ in a matter of weeks.

Mrs Jones

My daughter has used the undergraduate homework club and found it very flexible.  She was able to use the system by booking the online lessons when she needed them.





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