Workshops for all

Workshop resources and activities break each course topic down into bite sized modules pitched at varying levels of difficulty, facilitating incremental learning and encouraging learners to acquire skills and knowledge at their own pace. Our workshop design makes it easy for the learners to manage their time effectively and allocate a specific number of minutes to undertake a particular learning activity. 

Workshops for Educators

Century 21 UK Online Training offers a range of professional development activities for teachers and educators from different educational environments.

The Online Delivery Workshop is designed to meet the needs of educators who wish to gain skills in delivering learning online.  It is designed to provide guidance to educators who possess face to face teaching experience which they wish to complement with online teaching skills.  The workshop topics include Electronic Learning, Mobile Learning, Teaching Approaches, Learning Styles, Differentiation, Functional skills, How to configure a VLE  tutor user interface and how to Navigate the VLE.

The Podcast Workshop provides learners with the opportunity to explore the process of planning, preparing and producing a podcast.  The workshop is intended to be flexible, as podcasts can be used to broadcast music, comedy, news or promotions on a product or service.  This workshop provides learners with an introduction to podcasting, and an opportunity to develop their communication and creative skills. Certification is available.

Microsoft Office Workshops for business start-ups

Century 21 UK Online Training’s learning environment operates ICT based skill building workshops targeted towards learners undertaking or preparing for a small business start-up.

Century 21 UK Online Training’s Microsoft Word Workshop will walk you through the essentials of Microsoft Word required to function effectively within a small office environment. The learning resources combine demonstrations, tuition relevant to undertaking practical business activities.

Our Microsoft Excel Workshop guides learners through the essential skills required to create business plans and financial forecasts and templates for invoices and receipts. We also show learners how to prepare profit and loss accounts and balance sheets to append to your business plans and create databases for information storage, facilitating effective content reuse.







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